Alpine Village - AMENITIES

Crosswinds will be putting up a Gourmet Village, where cafes, restaurants, specialty shops, and a neighborhood organic market will be easily accessible to its residents, beautifully outlined by the backdrop of Deux Pointe and Grand Quartier.

Alpine village is a spectacular place for you and your family to live in. It comes with various features designed for various kinds of people. The condominium feature different amenities and features for convenience, security and satisfaction of the residents. The apartment has a gazebos where residents can relax and interact with friends and have fun.

The apartment can hold some of the indoor games with various facilities such as the pool table, gymnasium and a basketball court.  It has a 24-hour gymnasium where one can do some exercises to keep fit. There is also a basketball court for those people who love basketball.

There is a covered parking lot for both residents and guests. The parking is highly guarded keeping your vehicles safe. There is also an underground parking for both guests and residents. The apartment is highly guarded with highly trained security personnel with all round the clock roaming security. Each of the apartment’s entrance has at least two security personnel. There is also a high internet speed and Wi-Fi hotspots for those who love internet.

There is a landscaped entrance area with well-trimmed trails with beautiful flowers. The development features natural pathways where residents can feel close to the nature and take peaceful morning walks and can also be used for jogging.

The apartment is located near the Targaytay Mountains. This is absolutely a good scenery with a pleasant breeze from the Alps at Crosswinds. This is a good place for people who want to live away from the busy towns.

The condominium is built so well to suit all kinds of people. There is an air conditioner within the apartment which will help to maintain optimum temperatures during the summer season. There are also dryers necessary for removing water vapour in the house during cold seasons. There is a television lounge which is very comfortable and a good view of the television enabling residents to watch their favourite television programs.

The apartment is well furnished with fine finish, ceiling and painted walls. There are custom cabinets and granite counters for keeping dishes and other utensils.  Dish washers are available ensuring that you live in a clean and conducive environment. To preserve your food, the apartment has refrigerators and microwaves for warming food.

Alpine village features underground amenities such as the cables, power and communication. There are satellite cables for capturing signals allowing you to watch your favourite programs. The community has an automatic generator for power supply in case of power outage. There are also deep wells and water reservoirs for constant water supply in the apartment.

The apartment has controlled access preventing strangers from getting in. There is also on site maintenance to manage the community. There are various refreshment facilities such as the soda machine and shops where the residents and other people can purchase items. In addition, there are hotel amenities at the entrance of the apartment at cheap prices. Some of these hotels have club houses necessary for entertainment and recreation.

  • Landscaped Entrance Area
  • Swimming Pool
  • Peak Gardens
  • Gazebos
  • Shaded Walkways
  • Nature Trails
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